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Headmaster (Lessons From the Rack #2)(9)
Author: Tara Sue Me

   Three months ago she’d have changed clothes and danced whether she felt like it or not. But today . . . today she gave in to the overwhelming urge to sit at her desk and mope.

   She rested her chin in her hands and looked over the paperwork she should tackle. There were people to call to set up the ball the academy hosted after every term. The fall term was always a little bit more special than either the spring or summer because the end-of-term ball fell near Christmas.

   Lennox wasn’t one to celebrate the holidays, but he didn’t mind if the rest of the staff did. Mariela had always loved Christmas and she usually adored overseeing the decorating of the academy. At the moment, though, she just couldn’t bring herself to get excited about twinkling lights and greenery.


   She didn’t have to look up to know it was Lennox who’d called her name.

   “Master MacLure,” she said in response.

   “Aren’t you doing the first-day demo?” He cocked an eyebrow at her, like he’d just caught her with her hands in the cookie jar.

   “Why?” she asked. “Were you going to volunteer to do it with me?”

   “You know me better than that.”

   “Right. The Dom Who Isn’t. Forgive me, I forgot. So, let’s see. If you aren’t interested in running the demo with me, you must have stopped by because you want to watch.”

   He didn’t say anything, and his silence made her more upset than if he’d challenged her.

   “That’s it, isn’t it? You like to watch.” She was probably shooting Andie’s plan all to hell, but she found she didn’t care. “You can’t man up enough to actually participate, so you’ll get yourself off by watching.”

   He stood there, still and quiet as a statue. She stood up and walked in front of him.

   “Tell me, Lennox, does it excite you to see me on my knees? Does your mind come up with all the naughty things we could do together, but that you won’t let yourself do?”

   “Stop it, Marie.”

   But she was too far gone to stop now. She reached out to touch him, but pulled back when he flinched away. “Do you miss fucking a real flesh-and-blood woman or is your fantasy life enough? When you’re jerking off, who do you see? Is it me, Lennox?”

   She knew she’d pushed him too far with that last remark. His jaw tightened and he fisted his hands. “You are my employee, Marie. This is a highly inappropriate conversation.”

   “We work at a BDSM academy. Answer the question.”

   His lips tightened into a thin line and she thought he wouldn’t say anything, but then he spoke and she wished she’d been right.

   “No, I don’t see you at all.”

   • • •

   LENNOX KNEW HE’D hurt her with that remark. He’d seen the pain in her eyes seconds before he turned and walked away. It seemed as if he couldn’t be near her or talk to her lately without being an absolute dick. He didn’t know what his problem was, but he needed to get over it. Marie was too kind and meant too much to him. She deserved better.

   He walked into his office and slammed the door. Her words had been too close to the truth. He did like to watch. Oh sure, he told himself he was only following up with the instructors to make sure they all did what they were supposed to. But that was a lie, he’d handpicked his staff and they were top-notch.

   All public rooms in the academy were fitted with cameras, a safety feature he’d insisted upon and one that everyone knew about. Without stopping to think, he flipped his laptop on and pulled up the live feed of the camera in the classroom.

   Immediately, he saw why Marie wasn’t doing the demo. Fulton had enlisted Andie. He turned the laptop off.

   You’re a sick pervert spying on your employees. Winnie was right about you all along.

   He picked up a pen, planning to write a few notes about some improvements he’d noticed were needed, but found he couldn’t focus on the task. He tapped the pen against his desk, trying to figure out what was bothering him.

   Tap. Tap. Tap.

   Listening to the sound of his pen, he knew what was off. Marie should be playing some god-awful music that she insisted helped to get her in the proper mind-set to dance. A quick glance at the clock confirmed it, ten minutes until nine. Unless there was something going on, she started the music at eight forty-five and danced from nine until ten.

   Because even though there wasn’t a camera in her office, most days he walked past her door in order to catch a glimpse of her.

   But she wasn’t playing anything today, which probably meant she wasn’t going to dance and it was all because of him.

   Now you’re not only a sick pervert, but you’re also an asshole.

   He stood up. He should go apologize. Immediately. He should have done it as soon as he saw what his words did to her. It had been a mistake not to and he had to go correct it.

   His phone rang at the same time someone knocked on his door and he mumbled a curse. With a heavy sigh he accepted the fact that apologizing to Marie would have to wait.

   • • •

   A WEEK LATER, Mariela sat in her office, closely observing the couple sitting in front of her. Watching the hesitant way they interacted with each other, she could tell she had her work cut out for her. “Why don’t we start by one of you telling me why you’re here.”

   Dana, the submissive, looked down at her lap while her Dominant partner, Brian, looked bored. Neither one of them answered, but Mariela didn’t repeat the question. She might not be addressed as Master by the students, but they weren’t about to run over her either.

   She crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair, ready to wait for however long it took. It felt like forever, but in reality, it was likely only about thirty seconds before Brian sighed and said, “Master Matthews told us to come see you.”

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