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Headmaster (Lessons From the Rack #2)(6)
Author: Tara Sue Me

   Maybe it made her weak. Maybe it said something about her character, but regardless, she wasn’t going to face them today.

   “If you’re sure?” Andie slid her hand in Fulton’s. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. Probably about how she rarely left the island. She’d told Fulton and Andie part of her history with Lennox and Winnie, but she’d left out that part. Fulton would know, though. Simply from working with her for years.

   “Positive. I’ll be just fine here. I have some work I need to take care of and a few plans to think through.” She gave Andie a wink.

   “Okay. Bye!” Andie called over her shoulder as Fulton led her out the door. Mariela couldn’t help but smile as Andie giggled over something Fulton said. Those two were made for each other. You only had to look at them together to see it.

   Mariela sat down with a sigh and straightened out the paper Andie had jotted their plan on. Would it work? Was it enough to revive a long dormant Dom? And if so, was it enough to possibly have him notice her in a sexual way for the first time? Why did she possibly think this would work now when nothing she’d ever tried in the past had?

   She sat staring at the paper for a long time, and it wasn’t until she heard footsteps in the hallway outside that she realized it was Friday night.

   And Lennox was headed to the mainland.

   • • •

   LENNOX DIDN’T MISS the fact that Mariela was still in her office as he walked down the hall on his way out of the academy. He had waited until Fulton and Andie left because he didn’t want to be on the same boat with them. He thought briefly about stopping and apologizing to Marie, but decided not to. Considering where he was going, he didn’t think it wise to see her first. Maybe that made him a coward, but he knew he’d either see pity or disgust in her eyes and he didn’t think he could bear either.

   If he stopped and thought about it, he might feel bad. That’s why he kept moving. He viewed his Friday nights off the island as a necessary evil. Something he had to do to ensure he didn’t give in to his Dominant tendencies.

   Because he knew he could not give in, he could not let the beast inside of him go. Could not set it free. Therefore, he had to do the next best thing. And that was to release his sexual tension with a willing woman, one he had no claim on.

   He wasn’t proud of his nights away from the island, but he had long ago decided they were better than the alternative. Because he could in no way allow too much time to pass between nights where he sought some kind of physical satisfaction.

   As he normally did when traveling on personal business, he bypassed the academy boat and took his own. Once he was on his way and plowing through the water, he thought about Marie. He wondered what she would think of his Friday night activities. No doubt she would not approve. He wished he was whole, that he could be with somebody like Marie.

   But the truth was, he never had been and never would be. Oh, he had thought Winnie was the answer to his dream. The bitter truth was, she turned out to be his nightmare instead. Even so, that did not excuse what happened to her, and he would spend the rest of his life trying to make up for that.

   Her death had led the way to the opening of the academy. It was ironic when he really considered it. How personal tragedy had turned into both his salvation and his punishment. For in running the academy, he hoped to ensure that the tragic ending of Winnie’s life would not be repeated on his watch.

   He’d put aside his real estate empire to build and run the school. He’d told himself it was yet another part of his penance. In time, he’d grown to enjoy his work. He felt as if he was doing his part at the RACK Academy to properly train those who enrolled, while at the same time he never had to actively participate.

   Though what he was thinking when he hired Winnie’s best friend, he wasn’t sure. He snorted. Yes, he did. He knew exactly why he hired Marie. Because he wanted her, but wouldn’t take her. So he did the next best thing; he kept her in his sights. Ensured he knew who she was playing with. Who she was in a relationship with. In short, he kept her close, so he could know all there was to know about her without the possibility of a relationship.

   He wondered sometimes if he was being unfair to Marie. She didn’t appear unhappy, at least most of the time. There were times, more times than he would like to admit if he was being honest, that he saw a sadness in her that matched his own. He wasn’t stupid or blind; he knew she wanted him. Hell, he wanted her. But he could not let that happen.

   He reached the mainland and collected his car from storage. He closed his mind off as to where he was going and just drove. If he thought about it too much, he would be ashamed. And yet even still, as he approached the familiar building, he grew hard. Damn traitorous cock. It was the only part of his body that would be happy tonight.

   He sat in his car for several long minutes after he arrived, wondering if he should alter his plans for the evening. Get a hotel room. Get himself off with his hand. Unfortunately, he knew from experience that wouldn’t be enough. In the end, he got out and walked inside, just like he knew he would.

   The door wasn’t locked; it never would be to him. Whoever was working inside tonight had both expected him and seen him as he approached. He stepped inside and found the owner of the club, Rachel, waiting on his arrival.

   It wasn’t that unusual of an occurrence. She typically greeted him every few months, to ensure his needs were being met and that he was satisfied.

   “Mr. MacLure,” she said. “So pleased to have you visit tonight. Come this way.”

   Rachel was a beautiful middle-aged woman who ran the operation of professional submissives. He insisted on being called Mr. MacLure as opposed to Master MacLure. At times he thought it was silly, but it helped everyone to remember who he was. And more importantly, who he was not.

   He followed her into her office, a sleek, modern number with contemporary furniture. It was a bit too cold and clinical for his taste, but he didn’t visit the place for its decor.

   She waved to the chair in the sitting area of her office. Once he was seated, she took her spot across from him.

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