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Headmaster (Lessons From the Rack #2)(2)
Author: Tara Sue Me

   “I would have thought by now you’d be well acquainted with the expectations I have of my employees.”

   He knew just what to say to shut her down. There was little else he could have said that would cut as deeply as the unnecessary reminder that all she was to him was an employee.

   “It’s my fault, Master MacLure,” Andie said, appearing with a tray in her hands. “She wanted to get cleaned up, and I told her it didn’t matter since there are only four of us here.”

   Mariela stood up. “No, it was my fault. I knew better.”

   She turned and walked out, not waiting for either of them to say anything.

   • • •

   LENNOX WATCHED MARIE walk away with a lump in his throat the entire time. Yes, he was an ass. He shouldn’t have reprimanded her for her casual attire, but hell, what was a man to do? She’d walked into the dining area in that dance outfit like it was nothing at all. How could she not know what the sight of those skintight clothes would do to him?

   Hell, why did she think there was a rule that only street clothes could be worn in the dining hall? Technically, the rule stated no fetish wear was allowed, but that outfit she had on could in no way be considered street clothing.

   Even though she’d left the room, he could still picture her perfectly. She was petite and he liked that about her. Liked that she was small and dainty compared to him. Fuck, what it did to the Dominant inside him to imagine her tiny body beneath him. How it would feel to take possession of her.

   He clenched his fists as the image of her swam before his eyes. The outfit had left nothing to his imagination and even though he’d seen her naked before, to see her in dance attire like she’d worn today did nothing but mock him.

   He pictured it all too clearly. Her lithe body, made strong by her dance routines. The muscles of her legs. How would they feel wrapped around him? His fingers itched to run over them, to feel their strength. No, more than that. To master her strength.

   For he knew the rush that came with taking control of a submissive was only multiplied when her submission was coupled with a strength she had willingly laid aside. And he had no doubt that as small as she was in stature, Marie was a powerhouse. To be given her submission would mean to be gifted with the sweetest of all gifts.

   Yet even though he knew how amazing it would be, he could not allow himself to take it. He knew she would give it to him. He’d known for a long time that he need only look at her and she’d be on her knees. But it was an offering he could not accept.

   He no longer allowed himself to indulge in his Dominant nature. Ever. In fact, he’d buried it so deep within him and for so long, he wasn’t sure he could revive that part of him. What he did know was that he could not take the chance of finding out. The last time he’d freed that need within him, the results had been fatal. He could not take that risk again. Especially with Marie.

   If the end result was she thought him a coldhearted bastard, so be it. He could live with her scorn. What he could not live with was the responsibility for another woman’s death.

   “I feel as though I should apologize again, Sir,” Andie said, and he realized he’d been staring at the empty place Marie had been sitting for several seconds. “But I’m not exactly sure what for.”

   “Has Andie been causing trouble again?” her Dom and one of his Master Professors asked, coming up behind her. “Do I need to take her over my knee?”

   Lennox smiled as Fulton’s arms came around his submissive, even as she swatted at him in mock outrage.

   “What’s this about again?” she asked. “When have I ever caused trouble?”

   Fulton dropped a kiss on the top of her head. “The correct question is, when have you not caused trouble?”

   Andie crossed her arms. “Mpph. I didn’t know I caused you so many problems, Sir.”

   “You’re putting words in my mouth, Andie. I didn’t say problems, I said trouble.”

   “Pretty much the same thing.”

   “Hey look,” Fulton said, obviously trying to change the subject. “Are those icing samples?”

   Andie reached for the tray and held it out to him. “Yes. I was going to have Mariela help me decide which one tasted better.”

   Fulton grabbed a spoon from the place setting already on the table and took a bite of each one. “Mmm, I don’t know. They’re both really good to me. Boss?”

   Lennox dutifully took another spoon and tasted them. “These are both excellent, but so is the icing you’ve been using. Why mess with a good thing?”

   Andie shook her head and mumbled under her breath while cleaning up. She gathered everything together and started for the kitchen without saying anything further.

   “Andie?” Fulton asked as she walked away.

   “Sex,” she called over her shoulder. “Just sex and nothing else.”

   “What was that about?” Lennox asked Fulton as she left through the door that led to the kitchen.

   “Damned if I know. I gave up trying to figure women out ages ago. It only gives you a headache.” Fulton scratched his head. “But she said ‘Sex and nothing else.’ That has to be good, right?”

   “You would think.”

   “Wish she’d have left some of that icing. Think I’ll go in the kitchen to see if I can get some more.”

   Lennox snorted. “Good luck with that.”

   • • •

   AN HOUR LATER, Mariela had taken a shower and changed into her regular clothes. She wasn’t surprised when Andie knocked on the slightly open door of her office.

   “Hey, girl,” she said, pushing the door open wider. “Come on in. Have a seat.”

   “I’m so sorry about Lennox. I had no idea he’d throw such a fit.” Andie sat on the loveseat, tucking her legs underneath her.

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