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Something So Irresistible (Something So #3)
Author: Natasha Madison



“You may now kiss the bride,” Judge Reynolds says right before Max grabs my face in both of his hands.

“I love you,” he whispers, then his lips land on mine, gently and full of love.

My hands go to his waist as I close my eyes and take in the safety of my husband.

“I love you with everything that I am,” he murmurs against my lips. I smile and look into his crystal blue eyes.

“I love you more,” I say. He lets go of my face and we shake the judge’s hand. He grabs my hand and we walk out of his chambers while my chiffon train trails us.

Max proposed to me three hours ago. He got down on one knee and vowed to love me and only me till his last dying breath while I stood there in the middle of the shark reef in the Mandalay Bay. It took me two seconds before I nodded and got down on my knees with him, buried my face into his chest, and cried from happiness. I was completely and utterly in love with him. And not one person in my family knew. Well, none of the men knew. But this isn’t about them. This is about me, about Max, about how he took my heart into his hand and treated it like delicate crystal, making sure he bubble wrapped it to keep it safe.

Now here I am, watching my husband dressed in a black tux hold my hand and me in my two-piece lace dress. It is beaded from my collar all the way down. It ties around my neck but leaves my back bare. My arms are also bare. A gold belt ties the second part of the dress, floor-length split chiffon. My legs slip out while I walk, showing off my something blue, which is my Carrie Bradshaw Blue Manolo Blahnik.

As soon as the door to the chapel opens, my chiffon dress blows up almost like Marilyn Monroe’s, the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas almost non-existent since we are off the Strip. Someone in the distance must have snapped a picture because his flash went off.

“I think someone just took a picture of us,” I tell him while we make our way to the car that is waiting for us.

“Angel, it’s Vegas, everyone is taking pictures.” He waits for me to get in before climbing in after me. “So, my wife, where do you want to go?” Max turns to me and smiles while his thumb rubs the hand he’s holding.

“Back to our room.” I look at our hands. “I want to go back with you and lock the door and just be with my husband.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” He pulls me to him, his arm going around my shoulder, and I fit perfectly in the crook of his arm.

We watch the city lights come into focus again once we get on the Strip. Walking through the lobby, I hold on to my husband’s hand, watching his ring glisten in the light. Max unlocks the door for us. Walking in, I head for the living room that is now turned into what looks like a small reception. Gone are the couches, and in their place is a cast iron square with blush pink roses wrapped all around it. Tea lights make it across. All the furniture is gone. The only thing in this room are blush roses, which are my favorites.

“This place looks like a fairy tale.”

Max walks to me, holding a bouquet in his hands. “For you.” He hands it to me as our song “Dive” comes on.

“Dance with me?” I ask him as I walk to him.

“Every single day of my life.” He wraps an arm around my waist. I hold the bouquet around his shoulders and we hold our free hands to his chest.

He takes his phone out and raises his hand, snapping a picture of us. I’m looking at the camera while he looks at me. “Stunning,” he says quietly as his cell phone rings. “Angel, don’t freak out.” His voice is curt, tight.

I don’t have to time to say anything because my phone buzzes with a text from Matthew.

Allison, when you get this you better call me.

“Oh my God.” I look at him. “What did we just do?” He looks at me shocked, steps back, and away from me.

“Max.” I reach out to him while he dodges me.

“A mistake.”

I don’t know if he’s asking or telling. My heart hurts as his eyes go dark. He darts out of the room and the front door slams after him. As I stand here in my wedding dress, a tear rolls down my face, and I look down and see my glistening wedding band.



Chapter One


I can’t be late, I can’t be late, I mutter to myself as I run around my new bedroom in Karrie’s old brownstone. Karrie is married to my big brother and hockey god Matthew Grant. Well, he’s a god now, but he started off as the bad boy of hockey, getting kicked out of the league three years after being drafted first pick.It was the lowest he could go, and he came home with his head hung down and his tail between his legs.

He wanted to sit and sulk, but our stepfather, Cooper Stone, wouldn’t let him. Cooper Stone, who actually is the biggest name in history. He holds all the records that all these young kids strive to beat, yet fall short. He was at the top of his game when he met my mom and fell head over skates for her. I say stepfather, but in reality, he’s the only father I really know. My parents got divorced when my father had an affair. I was three at the time and Cooper came in two years later. I mean, not only did he fall in love with Mom, he fell in love with me. How could he not? I was the cutest thing ever. We, Matthew and I, were a package deal, a package that Cooper took without thinking twice about it. Slowly but surely, my father started weaning himself out of my life. At such a young age I had no idea really because I was never missing love. Cooper always showered me with it. Hook, line, and sinker. He became even better when Mom gave birth to the twins, Zoe and Zara. Those two are the reason Cooper tries to rule with an iron first. From the first moments they came screaming into the world, they gave new meaning to fiery redheads. My baby brother, Justin, stays in the shadows, quiet, rule abiding, and perfect, but little do my parents know I just found his secret Instagram and that shit is anything but angel like.

So now here I am on my first day on the job and I’m not going to be late. You are looking at the New York Stinger newest Public Relations Representative. I know what you’re thinking, that I pulled strings to get the job, and you couldn’t be more wrong. I was one month away from graduating when I got a call from Doug, the owner of Cooney Communication as well as the owner of the best hockey team in the world, he is also Matthew’s father-in-law, asking me to meet him for lunch. I didn’t know what he could possibly want. I thought maybe he needed help shopping for Karrie, so I went. I was surprised to see that it was only us.

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