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American King (New Camelot Trilogy #3)(9)
Author: Sierra Simone

“By taking my cum down your throat.”

“It wouldn’t be enough. Not to earn your forgiveness.”

“You’re right,” I say, rubbing a palm over my erection. I’m hard enough that I can feel the heavy flare of my crown through the fabric. “After I fucked your mouth, I’d haul you up by the back of your neck and bend you over the desk. I’d take off my belt and stripe your ass red for every time you’ve left me.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Embry says, and the breathlessness in his voice gives him away. He’d like to see me try as much as I’d like to see me try—which is quite a lot.

“I’d have to hold you down. Maybe you’d be able to twist away, but I’d catch you and then we’d both fall to the floor in a tangled heap. And then I’d fuck you until you sprayed the carpet with your cum. Until you were spent and loose for me.”

“And then?” Embry asks with a hitch in his voice.

“I’d use you until you begged me to stop.”

He sounds like he can’t breathe. “You know I’d never ask you to stop.”

“Then I’d fuck your hole until I was done. I’d make you walk out of the Oval Office with a torn suit and my semen still hot inside you.”

“Holy shit, Ash,” he groans.

“Are you jerking off right now?”

“Yes. Are you?”

“Almost,” I say, unbuckling my belt. My cock is hot when I pull it out, hot and stone fucking hard. I angle my chair away from the windows behind me, even though I know the Secret Service agents outside the windows won’t break protocol and look in without a reason. “Now it’s your turn.”

“My turn to what?”

“Tell me what you would do to me if you could. Tell me what would have happened last night if you hadn’t stopped it.”

“God,” Embry breathes. I can hear the sound of skin on skin, that pale aristocratic hand wrapped around his beautiful dick. “You would have…you were going to…”

I grunt as I close my hand around my own dick, giving it a few rough tugs. “Yes.”

“I would have bent you over your desk too, only…” He trails off, as if catching his breath. “I wouldn’t beat you. I’d spread your cheeks apart and kiss you where I wanted you. I would use my tongue where I want to use my cock. I’d tease you with my tongue, pull each testicle into my mouth, I’d cover each cheek with sucks and kisses. And then I’d turn you over onto your back and do the same to your belly and your thighs. You’d have your hand in my hair—because even though it’s supposed to be for me, you would still remind me that you’re in control. That you’re the one giving it to me.”

His words hook into the deepest pit in my belly, the pit that defines me. The idea of him worshipping the most hidden crevices of my body, cleaning them with his tongue, of making him do all that with my hand on his head as I deign to give him something I’ve cruelly denied him for years…

Fuck. I stop stroking for a moment, just so I don’t go off like a teenage boy.

“Then what would you want, Embry? To fuck me from behind? Hard and mean, to punish me for wanting to keep you? Or would you want to see my face and go slow, so you can mark every moan I make as you push inside of me?”

“Jesus Christ,” Embry says in a choked voice. “All of it. Both ways. Every way.”

“I’d want to see your face,” I tell him quietly. “I’d want to remember it for the rest of my life.”

“Ash, tell me you’re going to come too. I want to hear it.”

I hesitate. I’m desperate to come, so desperate that my cock is swollen and leaking, but I know how I’ll feel after I release into my hand. Empty. Hurt. Unsatisfied. The dark pit deep inside me still hungry and growling for something more elemental, something more powerful.

Scarier. Dirtier.

I can climax just fine without my lover’s surrender, without exerting my control, and I can even enjoy it in a fleeting way. But I can’t really finish without it; I won’t be sated and replete until I get what I need.

But this isn’t about what you need; or it’s not only about that. I promised to take care of him. Which means I need to put his needs above my own.

“Please,” Embry says, and I can tell he’s so very close himself. “Give me this one thing.”

“What haven’t I ever given you?” I sigh as I slide my cock back into my closed fist. I’ve given this man everything I could. My heart. My Greer. My entire life.

“Then this shouldn’t be hard to give,” he replies jaggedly. “Oh fuck, Ash. I’m gonna come. I wish I was inside you, filling you up—shit.”

He gives me a broken moan as he ejaculates, and I moan as well, imagining his fantasy. His face creased in pained pleasure as he thrusts into me, the feeling of owning him completely by giving him the very last slice of myself. Coming all over my own belly as I let him use my hole and then making him lick me clean.

“Ash, let me hear you,” he whispers. “It’s my last day in this office and I’ve got cum all over me and just—please. I want to hear you.”

I let him hear me, wedging the phone between my shoulder and my head so I can pull my pants down farther. I speed up my fist, tightening around my organ, beating off hard enough to make noise. The pressure behind my cock builds and builds, and it’s not what I want or what I need, but I won’t refuse Embry this. Not when I don’t know what the future will bring.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks. “What are you going to imagine as you unload?” His words are curious, his voice hungry, and I’m hungry for his hunger, jealous for his attention. I want all of him, always, mine and mine and mine forever.

“I’m going to imagine fucking you again. Greer is there, and she’s out of her mind watching us, her fingers buried deep in her cunt. You beg me to let you inside her, and you promise to be a good boy for me. The best boy.”

Embry groans. “God, Ash. You’re making me hard again.”

“And that’s how we finish, all three of us. You inside Greer’s tight pussy and me inside your ass.”

A wet sound tells me Embry is jacking off again, using his own ejaculate like lube. That image on top of everything else makes my stomach clench, my dick flare with sudden, heavy heat. It all flashes fast and dirty through my mind: Embry’s thick organ, smeared and wet with himself; the feeling of his hole so fucking tight around me; the firm rounds of his ass against my hips every time I push into him; Greer’s pussy so wet I can see her thighs glistening; her nipples rosy and needy and erect; Embry’s back rumbling against my bare chest as he groans out his release; the three of us in one sweaty, needy, forceful tangle, stealing pleasure and rubbing friction.

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