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SEAL Wolf Undercover (Heart of the Wolf #22)
Author: Terry Spear




Six months ago—San Diego, California

Former SEAL and current PI Vaughn Greystoke leaned back on his barstool in the Clawed and Dangerous Kitty Cat Club, smelling cats everywhere. He wasn’t sure what to make of the packed place. His twin brother, Brock, slapped him on the back. “Drink up. You’re way behind.”

Douglas Wendish, a friend from their wolf pack in Colorado, was dancing again with his date. Vaughn’s date was more for show, and Brock’s looked too tipsy to do anything more than sit and stare into space. Around them, women in skimpy leopard-skin bikinis and men in leopard-skin loincloths were grinding on elevated platforms in the jungle-themed club.

Genuine potted palms and ferns, rock walls covered in moss, and vines crisscrossing over the ceiling made it feel like they were really in the Amazon rain forest. The chirping of crickets, the calls from macaws, and the sound of water rushing over rocks in the jungle played in the background while the music offered a riveting South American jungle beat.

Lots of gyrating females were twisting around on the floor, but only one really caught Vaughn’s eye. A dark-haired beauty wearing a tight black skirt split up the side that showed off shapely legs, a pair of sparkly sandals that exposed red-hot toenails, and a low-cut leopard-print blouse that revealed a nice swell of breasts. Unfortunately, she seemed to already be taken.

Vaughn was fascinated with the way she danced with the redheaded guy—sensuously, but not like they needed a room. The way she moved her body made Vaughn feel he needed a room. With her. Observing her, he was swept up by the jungle heat, the warm bodies, the cold beer, the infectious laughter, and her hot moves. Then the redhead she was with leaned down and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his waist, tilted her chin up, and kissed him back. In that instant, Vaughn wanted more than anything to be on the receiving and giving end.

“Hot,” Brock said. “Wonder if she smells like she’s got a ton of cats at home too.”

Fine with Vaughn. As long as he had her.

“Have another beer,” his brother said. “That might cool you off.”

The only way Vaughn would cool off was by taking an ice-cold shower.

A woman—who smelled overwhelmingly of cats—asked him to dance, and so he did, if only to get his mind off the brunette woman. “I’m Kira. You must be new here,” the blond purred next to his cheek, her body pressing closer to him than he really wanted.

“Name’s Vaughn. Does it show that I’m new here?”

“Colorado license plates,” she said.

He smiled. Here he’d thought she’d heard an accent, though he didn’t believe he really had one. “So you live around here?” he asked out of politeness.

“Yeah, nearby. You pulled up when we did. I always notice out-of-state license plates.”

She sounded like a private investigator or a cop. “Own a lot of cats?”

She smiled in a wicked way. “Love them.” She didn’t say that she owned any, though. “What about you? Own a lot of dogs?”

He smiled back. Wouldn’t she be surprised if she knew he was all wolf? “Dogs are man’s best friend.”

“So I’ve been told. Are you going to be around for a few days? Return to the club?”

“Not sure. Do you hang out here all the time?”

“Every chance I can get.” Kira glanced at his table.

She must have been wondering about his date.

“She looks bored.”

“She doesn’t care to dance.”

Then the black-haired woman Kira had been talking to came over and asked him to dance. Bethany. Three more cat women danced with him after that. He guessed they didn’t mind that he smelled like a dog. He wondered if they could even tell. He could tell they were cat lovers because of his enhanced wolf’s ability to smell.

Afterward, he took his seat at his table again, glad to have danced, though he wished he could have been with the brunette.

Douglas returned with his date, but Vaughn had already forgotten her name. No, wait… Wendy. If his friend mated her, she’d be Wendy Wendish. Douglas pulled out his camera and began taking pictures. Again. But then Kira asked Douglas to dance. She acted as though she hadn’t already danced with Vaughn. He only smiled at the fickle woman, wondering if she was looking for someone to spend the night with. He clearly hadn’t fit the bill.

When Douglas returned, he smiled at Vaughn. “Saw you dancing with her first. She’s just dancing with everyone, I suspect, until she finds the guy she wants to hook up with.”

Vaughn shook his head. Humans.

“Hey, see someone I know. Be back in a minute.” Douglas took off while Vaughn watched him, expecting him to dance with another woman.

Instead, he was talking to some guy, probably about boating, as much as Douglas loved to boat. Vaughn, Brock, and Douglas were all going out on the water tomorrow. One of these times, Vaughn was going to convince Douglas to take a plunge into the water and show him how much fun swimming as a human could be.

Vaughn observed the brunette laughing at something the redhead said at their table. She turned her head in Vaughn’s direction, as if she realized someone was watching her. He hadn’t meant to stare, but everything about her appealed, and he just couldn’t take his eyes off her.

He smiled. She smiled. In that instant, he felt they’d made a connection. As lame as that was. When she left the club tonight, she was going home with the muscular guy who had his arm wrapped around her like he was afraid he’d lose her. From what Vaughn could tell, she hadn’t once shown any interest in anyone else but her date. Oh sure, when she was seated at her table and sipping from a drink, she was watching other dancers, but she wasn’t focusing on any one person. Not like he was focusing on her.

Her gaze caught his again, and he couldn’t help but smile. Not that her checking him out meant anything. But he sure could fantasize.

* * *

Formerly an army intelligence officer and now a PI, Jillian Matthews had agreed to go out with her brother Miles’s friend as a favor, but man, did the guy have octopus arms! Oh sure, he was fun, but way more interested than she was. The guy several tables over… Now he captured her attention. If she didn’t know better, she’d say he was all wolf, though some human males showed the same wolfish interest in a woman, even if she was with someone else. She’d never think about dumping a guy on a date when he was being nice, especially when it was to pay her brother back for his help in solving one of her cases. But she’d made sure she said it was only one date, unless she changed her mind.

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